Tuesday, March 29, 2011

VeVe, Jasmine, Boots, and Upcoming Tickling

Ok! Closing out March 2011 with a bang.

We released 4 new videos this month, handled a bunch of intriguing commissions, and enjoyed time at a very successful wrestling party in Philadelphia. All in all, not a bad month, despite the lingering cold weather!

In addition to the VeVe vs Raquel match and the mad-cap Lucha Spandex Smackdown, we also had VeVe vs Jasmine Flower - at long last! - and VeVe's Leather Boot Beatdown with good ol' ShortFuse Mark.

I enjoyed shooting the VeVe vs Jasmine match because it took place before a live audience at an
underground wrestling party which had some really swell lighting in effect for the filming. I'll include some photos so you can see what I mean:

That sure as heck beats fluorescents (the bane of my existence). I was able to rig up the lighting so it was mostly downlight directly over the mats, leaving the audience area in relative shadow. Theatre in the round style. I also had a touch of red sidelight from a mini spotlight and some red downlight far in the background. It looked great, especially considering the shoestring lighting budget.

Of course, filming at a live event is always a challenge as well, what with the trying to avoid catching the audience on camera. I have to say that I'm pretty good at that. Live audiences push you, as a camera operator, to find new angles that highlight the wrestling action while keeping the spectator faces out of the frame and at the same time keeping out of the spectators' viewing path. You need a good awareness sense to go at that task. I must say, the challenge does add to the fun of it, if you're a multi-tasking fan.

VeVe pulled out a red lace bra & panties set for her match with Jasmine. I think this was a new outfit reveal. Not as mind-blowing as a Lady GaGa outfit reveal, but still very nice. And surprisingly sturdy for wrestling! Now, to get her to do a catfight in that combo... I'm sure she'd be totally game for it.

The party, by the way, went excellently. Great guests, great mood, music, ambiance, and generally lots of wrestling, as always! Good space down in Philly.

To close out March, I also put together the short domination wrestling novelty match of VeVe twisting up Mark. As mentioned above, VeVe wore leather boots for this: tight-high, spiked heel, black leather boots. Typically these are a huge no-no for the mats, but VeVe pulled it off without a hitch.

I have to say, regarding the spiked heels and the mats, I wasn't concerned at all and had total confidence in VeVe's ground movement skills. She locked up Mark for the first takedown, and then stayed with ground holds for most of the time. Most! She managed to sit and kneel herself up on poor Mark several times. Hey, when you're avoiding the mat, why not make the victim your new floor? Sorry pain fans, but she didn't step on him with the heels. However, she did scissor him into near-oblivion, get leather-clad feet and legs on his throat, and give him a good dose of pretzel-twist humiliation.

Now with April looming on the horizon, we are gearing up to shoot some tickle wrestling matches. Aiming for a mixed match with VeVe and Mark, as well as a F V F match, with may include Amazon Annie, Athena, and/or VeVe. We've been getting some requests to couple tickling and bondage, and that is certainly something the ladies are up for.

Where February saw a lot of bondage wrestling, perhaps April will have a tickling theme... onward and upward!

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